Live game

by Jakob Albrecht

Playing is the ability to laugh even about yourself. If you like drama, than you better not play.
If you want to find out the “bad” truth about yourself and laugh it away – play this healing game.
No tears, no drama, but total honesty, playful healing and an amazing new kind of energy is guaranteed.

innerwise, easier than ever
Six steps to YOUR life
A journey back to yourself, a journey of no return

Once you’ve experienced what life truly can be, you won’t be able to go back to what you called “life” before, which, in reality, was mere survival. Once you’ve become conscious of the Light, you can no longer try to convince yourself that gray is white – gray is only a certain kind of darkness. There is only dying or living. Survival is a form of dying, even if it takes a long time – sometimes an entire lifetime.

Life is so much more than you can dream of, and you can live it, experience it! Life is abundance, good health, flow, inner and outer wealth, joy and lightness. Struggle and suffering are over, and life is offering its gifts to you. Live, because mere survival is a waste of Creation.

Join us on this journey . . .
Ten meditations for your healing
with the innerwise Healers that fill spaces and hearts

Click on the images to enjoy a short meditation.