by Mauricio Disilvestro

Learn to view things clearly. Most people see only their own projections which they mistake for the truth.

Perceptions, inner images and our intuition are vital to our work, so it’s essential that these are clear and free of projections or ulterior motives.

We need objective results whether we are testing, seeing or feeling. Those results must be independent from other people and we must be able to confirm them. The objectivity of our results must stand up to inner vision and energetic testing.

Integrity is the greatest gift of any human being who wants to achieve healing for themselves or support someone else in their path to healing. Integrity means being honest, perfect, complete, whole, original and incorruptible.

Those who live with integrity have clear vision and obtain objective results.

Living with integrity is not the goal in itself, rather it is a way of coming closer to the goal.
Integrity is my way and it is the right attitude for giving and receiving healing.
After all, honesty is always the best remedy – honesty toward yourself and others.

Let’s try some exercises:

Honesty toward yourself
What are the three biggest compromises in your life right now?
Find a way to end one of them within four weeks.

Honesty toward others
Think of three people whom you feel the need to tell the truth to. Contact at least one of them within 48 hours to do so.