Innerwise healing meditations

by Jakob Albrecht

If you can’t meditate in a busy airport terminal then you can’t meditate. You don’t need a white robe, sacred music or isolation. What you need are innovative new ways of meditating that work quickly no matter where you are

The Healing Breath: Healing the Soul

We focus on solving so many issues in life on the mental and emotional levels and then wonder why they still keep coming back. The root cause frequently lies on the energetic and spiritual levels. The healing breath enables you to reach and heal these deeper levels. It can be applied universally and effectively for issues ranging from pain and inner void, to relationship difficulties, speech impediments, test anxiety and deep-seated traumas of the soul.

How does this meditation work?
Imagine you have an umbilical cord that extends from your body, connecting you with the Source. Inhale healing energy from the Source through your imaginary umbilical cord. Then exhale your issues and problems through this imaginary umbilical cord. You can also use energy from the Source to retrieve what has been lost, such as fragments of your soul, and you can let old connections on the spiritual level dissolve into the Source.

Mother Earth: Healing the Heart

Nature is a vast, healing pharmacy. Stones, plants, colors and water are her gifts to us, many of which we have distilled into healing remedies in the form of powders, drops or oils. The Mother Earth meditation allows you to become your own remedy. You can be a birch tree, a butterfly, a river, a volcano or one of Mother Earth’s many other children. The gifts of Mother Earth manifest their effects within you, rewarding you with harmony, clarity, resolution and healing.

We are not separated from the great Mother. We never were. We remain one of her buds that blooms. Once our awareness of this connection has been fully refreshed, her appearances in the form of animals, elements, crystals or plants can help us heal.

How does this meditation work?
Start with the words Mother Earth, as a part of you, you are fully in me and live through me. Immerse yourself in these words and thus in Mother Earth: once you are one with the great Mother you become part of her, as a waterfall, for example, or an eagle or a tree. You begin to feel her energy within you and to heal yourself.

When you have connected to Mother Earth, you can do the same with other cosmic forces and their gifts:

Father Sun, as a part of you, you are fully in me and live through me.
Heaven, as a part of you, you are fully in me and live through me.
God, as a part of you, you are fully in me and live through me.

innerYoga: Healing the Body

An actor who fully grows into the role he’s playing has the power to move us. He becomes the other person. Become the remedy, identify with it, move like it. The healing remedy can then touch you deeply, transform you and enrich you.

  • innerYoga is not merely identification with the remedy. Like an actor, you begin to live the remedy, to surrender to its movement. You can spread your wings like an eagle and enjoy the sensation of flying, or move like a tree in the wind. Their energies will heal you.
  • innerYoga is a perfect complement to the Mother Earth meditation, which is simply about mentally and emotionally tuning in to the remedy. With innerYoga you identify on all levels with an animal, a plant, a waterfall or some other representation of Mother Earth – mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and in motion. This identification permits your body and your conscious mind to comply in a natural way and assume its shape.

How does this meditation work?
In your imagination you fuse with part of nature, an animal, for example, an eagle. You feel it inside you, feel its wings and yours, feel how the wind ripples through your feathers, and you breathe like an eagle. Your body begins of its own accord to move like an eagle. Your wings unfold. Every eagle is one of a kind, each position you adopt, each gesture is perfect. The whole of nature is in motion, nothing is static, positions you have been taught to assume are now superfluous.

The River of Life: Healing the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious

Journeys in pictures have a tremendous healing effect. Our conscious mind and our unconscious can speak to us through pictures. And we have the power to transform our lives by altering the pictures. The River of Life is a symphony of images that emerged from ten years of therapeutic healing work and rewards you with healing and harmony on different levels.

How does this meditation work?
You embark on the great spiritual journey through life with all its challenges. Let yourself be guided by the text and linger in pictures that move you.

dance-fingers-dance: Rediscovering the Lightness of Being

This meditation releases blockages and inhibitions stored in your body. Small children love freedom of movement, the joy of it. They’re able to physically express their feelings with the greatest of ease. As we get older, however, we gradually become stiff, more reserved and shy as a result of rules and regulations, prohibitions, demands and, above all, the accumulation of deposits of guilt, sorrow, envy, loss and other unresolved issues in our body tissue, in our muscles and our bones.
dance-fingers-dance will help you to rediscover the pleasure of your body and of movement.

How does this meditation work?
Your fingers, your hands become dancers on an imaginary stage and you are the audience. Your fingers and hands transform the music into movement so that you can see it without having to hear it. The hands are free of the countless restrictions, rules and patterns you carry within you, and their way of dancing freedom embraces your entire being and liberates you.

Make Me An Instrument: Healing the Energy Field

The major issues of our Being – fears, threats, our life purpose, the soul, time, love and energetic charges – call for a special form of meditation that adequately addresses them.
Because the Universe is based on mathematics and geometry, the flower of life seems an apt choice. We are familiar with it from two-dimensional images as a circular structure that gradually becomes hexagonal as more layers are drawn. When I built it in 3D, the hexagon became a cube. Assisted by numeric codes that activate certain characteristics in us, this meditation is for anyone who is keen to comprehend life and transform it on the deepest levels.

How does this meditation work?
In this meditation you enter a holographic space forged by the perfect geometry of the flower of life. The inner harmony of the space tolerates no disharmony. With the help of numeric codes that work like abstract mathematical sound clouds, you can activate specific functions in the hologram. Simply place your hand or your finger on the code. In this way you take it into the holographic space you have entered through meditation.