Innerwise Deck Hay House – Green Box

by Mauricio Disilvestro

A beautiful healing set including an amulet and healing cards that have been charged with frequencies of man powerful energies, including: Bach flower remedies, crystals, plants and animals, colors, minerals, sounds of celestial bodies, archangels, homeopathic remedies

The innerwise® Complete Healing System is a unique new system of energetic medicine, helping people find the right energy to achieve energetic balance and activate the self-healing process.
It contains:

  • a testing system consisting of six testing cards with eighteen testing complexes;
  • 309 healing frequencies from Bach flower remedies, colors, totem animals, archangels, sounds of celestial bodies, Schüssler cell salts, constellations, soul symbols of Mary Magdalene, plants, homeopathic remedies and crystals;
  • a copying card;
  • an innerwise amulet;
  • a handbook with an introduction to the innerwise methods and a description of each healing frequency.

The testing cards help you to select the harmonic healing cards, creating a symphony of the energies you need. Each card is individually numbered for quick reference in the accompanying handbook. Transfer the selected energies to the innerwise amulet and experience the healing power of energetic medicine. The amulet is not a “magic charm,” rather it is an auto-suggestive anchor as used in various forms of therapy. This healing system can be mastered in minutes.

The innerwise® Complete Healing System is certified as a medicinal product in Europe.

Author: Uwe Albrecht; published by Hay House