Healing cards

by Jakob Albrecht

They are like sound systems. Choose them intuitively – like falling in love. Touch them and they play your healing music. The healing cards can balance stress on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. They include the sound frequencies of many different remedies.

The healing cards are like soothing sounds. Choose them intuitively – just like falling in love. Touch them and create your own healing music. The healing cards can balance stress on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. They contain powerful sound frequencies from a wide range of remedies.

The innerwise healing frequencies are at the heart of the innerwise healing systems.

The healing cards: Energy gateways

As a medical doctor, I was taught to believe that it’s chemical substances that make remedies effective. Over the years, however, I’ve seen over and over that this isn’t true.

I’ve produced energetic blood pressure remedies that have been tested by multiple doctors. The results are amazing: these energetic remedies are just as effective as the big, colorful pills.

Since this discovery, I have analyzed the energetic level and layer of the human aura affected by Bach flower remedies, antibiotics, vitamins, painkillers and homeopathic remedies.

I was astonished to discover that conventional medicine often didn’t affect the physical level either, but that it affected the energy bodies instead.

Another finding was rather frustrating: even “esoteric” remedies manifested their effects only on certain levels. I could find no remedy that was effective on all levels. However, since irritations and disorders can occur on all levels – that is, in all bodies, we also need remedies that work on all of them.

Effectiveness on all levels is the minimum requirement for all innerwise healing frequencies. Plus, the innerwise healing system is highly sensitive to the differences in strength that each individual requires.

Homeopathic medicine has taught us the importance of energetic quality (also known as potentization). Yet homeopathy only offers a few potencies, such as D10, D30, D100, D200, D1000, etc.

What was I supposed to do if a patient needed a remedy with an exact potency of D157 or D798, depending on the resonance potencies they required?

The lack of individuality in these remedies led me to search for new solutions. What we need is remedies that work on all levels, have their own intelligence based on the essence of the particular remedy, and adjust their energetic power and quality to the individual user.

That means remedies whose energetic and information patterns can be combined and copied freely.
I created the first innerwise healing frequencies at my clinic in 1997. Traditional Bach flower essences proved to be weaker than other flower essences, so I potentized them anew. Using the arm-length test, I found the potency chord (the combination of dilutions) needed to lend new strength to these remedies.

I reformulated the Bach flower essences and found in them a strength and clarity unlike anything I had encountered before.

Next, I started working on the crystal frequencies. At the time they were copied from selected crystals using Mr. Jahoda’s “biocorrelator” device, and then potentized into potency chords.

Over the next decade, I created 4,000 additional healing frequencies in the form of pellets. They became increasingly complex, and, because I linked them to the essence of the remedy itself, potentization was no longer necessary. By the time the number of frequencies/remedies exceeded a thousand, the treatment kit weighed over 40 pounds (which caused considerable problems when flying to give courses in Canada). I decided to stop producing the frequencies in the form of pellets and chose instead to produce small paper cards. That way, I can now fit as many as 4,200 remedies into a small laptop case.