Finger test

by Mauricio Disilvestro

Get an easy Yes-No answer by testing with your fingers. Easy to learn, applicable everywhere

Many times you don’t have both hands free to perform the arm-length test. In those cases, you need to be able to obtain clear answers using one hand only.

Fortunately you can use the finger test in those cases. Unlike the arm-length test, the finger test does not indicate different degrees of negativity (slight, moderate or strong) but it still works extremely well to provide clear yes/no answers. Plus, it’s a quick test

Yes, balance

No, stress

To conduct this test:

  • place your hand in front of your body, palm facing up, as if you we reaching out to pick an apple from a tree.
  • Then stretch out your fingers and keep them fully extended.
  • Next, without bending your fingers, touch the tip of your extended index finger to the tip of your index thumb.

Now do the same exercise, except this time say “no” to yourself internally before you move your index finger and thumb toward each other.

You will sense that your index finger has to move relatively quickly, seemingly against a resistance, while the thumb moves without resistance.

Simply keep your index finger still at the point where you start to feel the resistance, but move your thumb further.
This is what a “no“ answer looks like.

What’s important is that your entire hand turns into a yes or a no. That means the test was successful.

If you’re still not sure, watch the video on the finger test, which can be found on the website