Energetic Interior Design

by Jakob Albrecht

Bad vibrations are not healthy. When your partner is always moody – you run away. But if your house is moody, has bad energies, does not nourish you, does not inspire you? Try to change the energy – this is faster, easier and cheaper than moving out.

Bad vibrations are unhealthy. When your partner is always moody, you run away. What if your entire house is moody, filled with bad energies, un-nurturing and uninspiring to you? Try changing the energy. It’s faster, easier and cheaper than moving out!

Our energy is valuable and necessary to us so that we can feel good, experience joy, work effectively, allow our creativity to flow, and remain healthy.

Sometimes we lose energy as a result of negative emotions and energies inside us. Now you can clear these problems yourself using innerwise.

Sometimes we lose energy because of other people or situations.
Sometimes you can clear this, or sometimes you can simply choose to take a different path.

Sometimes the rooms we work and live in irritate us and suck up our energy. When that happens, it’s necessary to purify the rooms and put an energetic design into practice.
Rooms should optimally support their functions on an energetic level.

  • A meditation room should evoke a feeling of peace.
  • A work room should support focus and creativity.
  • A living room should radiate communication, joy and relaxation.
  • A bedroom should bring peace and clarity.

In ancient times, monks understood the importance of energetic design for living and work spaces, which is the basis for the philosophy of feng shui. Now, innerwise has developed fascinating tools to help you bring energetic design to your home and workspace.

Energy Room Check

Step 1
The first and most important step is to think of everything, even rooms, as living organisms. Rooms are living creatures, they have a purpose, an energy, emotions, old traumas, injuries and baggage, but also incredible potential.
Often a room remains attached to the energies from events that took place there in the past.

Step 2
Feel the room. Imagine you are the room yourself. How do you feel?
This way, you perceive the room’s energy field which influences everything in the room.

Step 3
Now you can use the arm-length test to check the following parameters:

  • The charge in the room on a scale of 1% to 100%
    The lower the charge, the better.
    Charge is the sum of all negative energies and emotions.
  • The vital energy of the room on a scale of 1% to 100%
    The higher the vital energy, the better. 100% would be optimal.
  • Now test the following statement:
    “The room optimally supports its function.”

Energy Design

Now you can clear the energy in the room and re-design it.

Step 1
Remove anything that is taking up energy or that you no longer love.
Touch every item in the room and any item that doesn’t evoke a good feeling in you should leave the room or leave your life altogether.

Step 2
Is everything in its right place?
Use the arm-length test to check whether something should be moved to a different spot.

Step 3
Use the innerwise healing systems to heal any charges, clear any old baggage, injuries or lingering energies in the room.

The new innerwise Basic app or the innerwise Complete Healing System card set are excellent tools for this.

We also offer more specialized tools in case you need additional support:

  • The “Make Me An Instrument” hologram will increase positive energy in the room.
  • The “Sleep Well, My Love” decal brings calmness and comfort to your bedroom for a good night’s sleep.

Please visit the innerwise shop to see our full selection of energetic healing tools.