Innerwise was born in 1996 in Germany.
The father is the MD Uwe Albrecht.
The mother is the life.

So what is innerwise?

Innerwise is a living healing system that unites the best from all cultures and times. It is open, and any technique or method can be integrated. It enables us to discover individual correlations, thereby developing a new understanding of what illness is. It’s both the essence and the abundance that can be applied intuitively.

It’s so comprehensive and profound that it works with human beings, animals, plants, systems and projects.

The goal in working with innerwise is to eliminate blockages, to clear up old charges and programs, and in this way help to change a person’s life. Then symptoms and illnesses are no longer necessary.

It’s not the intention of Innerwise to heal people, to divest them of the developmental steps they need in order to change their lives. It simply give them back the possibility to do this themselves so they can be in the flow again and experience life as a naturally unfolding activity.

Many people in many countries diagnose and work with themselves and others using innerwise:

  • Medical doctors, therapists, alternative health and energy practitioners and veterinarians use innerwise.
  • Coaches use innerwise to accompany businesses and projects.
  • Teachers support students with innerwise to make learning easier.
  • Geomancers use innerwise to clear energy fields in buildings and outdoors.
  • Designers integrate innerwise to best adapt logos and graphics to the respective goal.
  • Pharmaceutical developers create new medications using innerwise.
  • Politicians use innerwise to heal historical wounds.
  • Real estate agents use innerwise to clear up the energetic charges of buildings, which then quickly find a new owner.
  • And it’s child’s play: School children can balance themselves with innerwise.

The basic principle of innerwise is that we have new invented diagnostic tools to analyze and read all levels : structure, biochemistry, rhythm, mental, emotional, energetic, soul and the unknown.

This way we can find the origin of an symptom and we are able to clear the root cause.
This is possible based on our new invented healing frequencies, which are also able to work on all levels, because non of the existing remedies and medications is working on all levels.

It is the first time in the history of mankind that we can understand Iife and change it that easy and deep.

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The History of innerwise
Innerwise was born in 1996 in Germany. The founder is Uwe Albrecht MD.

Uwe started in his medical practice to try new ways of diagnosing and healing only energy.

“Why should ever a client come back, if I am not successful? Conventional medicine is not the answer. No existing alternative system was the answer. I studied and tried so many of them. There was only one way: I had to create a new healing system. This is my life purpose.”

With the thousands of clients Uwe learned something new and invented this new way of healing called innerwise.

In 2002, he began to teach in Germany and Austria. 2005 Canada was next. Until now there have been courses given by Uwe or one the 50 innerwise mentors worldwide in India, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, China, Namibia, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Hungaria, Slovakia, Swiss, Netherlands, England, Belgium, Mexico and now USA.

Innerwise has people applying techniques in 74 countries. This happened only because of resonance and potential of the system.

Uwe´s books are translated into 12 languages already. And this all happens because people love innerwise and it makes the healing changes from the inside out that people are want.

And this is Uwe - the story of the founder
Anybody can learn and use innerwise. My daughter Gaia was able to use it by herself when she was only two years old. One day she stood before me and said: “Daddy, you need something.” Then she ordered me to lie down on the couch, crawled on top of me and tested with my arms.

She chose the appropriate healing frequencies, and when everything was done, and especially when she was happy with the result, she proceeded to copy it all to an amulet so I could use it whenever necessary. I was so happy that I was given the opportunity to have this experience that it left me speechless!

I studied medicine at Humboldt University in Berlin, and became a medical doctor in 1994.
In my third academic year, I found a book on neural therapy in my mother’s bookcase that she had received as a gift from a pharmaceutical representative. This book described how pain in different areas of the body had disappeared by merely injecting a local anesthetic in the gums around a particular tooth. “HEALING really does exist after all…” I thought. After three years of studying medicine I’d already given up hope.

So my search began. In addition to my medical studies at the university, I started studying Traditional Chinese Medicine for several years—or to be more precise, its philosophy, pathology and medicinal herbs. I trained in neural therapy, and was given the opportunity to work with Dr. Johann Abele, one of the last medical doctors who still mastered detoxifying treatments based on methods by Hufeland. The Karl and Veronica Carstens Foundation (former German President) sponsored two clinical studies that I conducted to examine correlations between focal infections, chronic inflammations and the reflex zones in the throat and neck area; I also worked to prove the effectiveness of cupping therapy in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, which otherwise often results in surgery. The studies were pub- lished internationally.

All of this was great fun, and it allowed me to meet many wonderful people including Dr. G. Draczynski, who had worked together with Professors Alfred Pischinger and Felix Perger in the seventies and who gave me precious information and texts about the ground regulation system.

Through the Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Herdforschung (German Working Group on Focal Infection Research) I learned more about the implications of focal infections and their correlations within in the body. From there, my journey of discovery continued to Walter Kunnen and his son Konrad in Belgium, who became my teachers on electrosmog and geopathology. In the field of conventional medicine, I worked in different hospitals at the time. In Berlin, for example, the American Professor Friedrich Luft taught me to always base my therapies on the most recent studies. This became so deeply engrained in me that since then I no longer read studies and have instead set out on a journey of discovery myself.

My experiences in a rheumatic hospital focusing on autoimmune diseases (self-destructive diseases), matched exactly what I discovered later using the arm-length test: People who are ill want to be ill subconsciously. My experience working at a pain therapy hospital turned out to be the last chapter in my conventional medicine training. There, the credo was: Those who can provide healing are right. My ward physician Dr. Michael Fischer gave me the greatest amount of therapeutic freedom that one can possibly dream of. And due to the fact that at the same time I trained in physioenergetics—a kinesiological system—with Raphael von Assche, I began to use this in my work at the hospital.

This finally led to me being fired. Testing with the arms was too crazy an idea for the head of the hospital department.

What followed were trainings and profound experiences with osteopathic techniques, homeopathy, systemic constellation work and emotional therapies. For a number of years, Professor Bernd Senf worked with me using bioenergetic bodywork based on Wilhelm Reich’s methods, and during one weekend I lost 1.5 diopters, which meant no more glasses! Another miracle!

Initially, I was supposed to take over my mother’s general practice. But the thought of “processing” 60 patients a day, with only five to ten minutes time for each patient, was not possible for me anymore with the knowledge I had already acquired.

This meant that I would not have to stand on my own two feet and feed my family with my small private practice. If you’re good and you can help, people will come. If you’re not, they won’t.
Therefore, I needed a healing system that really worked; and so I developed one myself. This system is known as innerwise: healing by accessing one’s inner wisdom. With this, I had found a way to combine everything I had learned so far, and to use this power to continue researching and to discover something even greater.

Every aspect of this system is something we’ve experienced ourselves. As a result, some of my friends and I have gone through hell a few times and back, but have also found ourselves back on cloud nine time and again. Authenticity can’t be achieved any other way. I’m grateful for all the experiences I’ve had in my life so far.

If I wanted to describe my path in just a few words, they would be:

  • From chaos to my own identity: I am myself again, I am I.
  • Trusting myself and gaining confidence
  • Finally growing up and taking responsibility for my life and myself
  • Reintegrating lost soul fragments
  • Learning to be happy with myself
  • Loving myself

As a 50-year-old, I look back at my lifework with joy, let it go and look forward to whatever life still has in store for me.

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