Resonance Dating: love beyond attraction

by Allyn Reid

We have become desensitized to the concept of attraction in the context of dating. Who can blame us? We’ve been chased down and nagged by the entire love community about it as the surefire way to find the love of your life. The tactics touted in the attraction strategy are endless. Everything from the practicality of working out your issues to rituals that can make even the most open-minded of us raise an eyebrow. Here’s the thing, when you squint your ears a little, all we hear is noise.

So let’s cut through the noise, shall we? Attraction as a dating strategy was great when it came about. Yet what we keep seeing is that it falls short in the relationship area. It helps you win the race of finding someone but falls a bit short on how to keep that special person.

The modus operandi when it comes to real love should be resonance. The first meeting all the way to living in the relationship itself has a marked harmony to it. You see, dating and love is based on resonance. It is like each others’ inner music is attracting and inviting the other for a dance. Dating is meeting at the status quo and seeing if the partners fit together. However, we are not standing still in life. We are ever-changing, growing, freeing ourselves from patterns. Real love gives each other the space to grow.

If you want to know if your date has a future and if the relationship can turn into real love, then you can do something very easy:

Close your eyes. Imagine what you see and what you feel when you’re together. Then do the same, imagining six months from now being together. Then imagine forward again to a year from now.

The inner pictures you receive gives you the chance to look into the future…today. If all the pictures and feelings are great, open and light….congratulations. If they don’t feel good, then just enjoy the moment.

You can also use another way to look into the future using your body through the arm length test. Say yes and bring your arms together in front of your lap. They will have the same length. Then say no and bring your arms together again in front of your lap. They will have a different length. You see, your body can answer.

Here’s how you can do this:
Imagine what you see and feel when you’re with this person. Bring your arms together in front of your lap. Notice the length.
Imagine it again six months from now. Bring your arms together by your lap. Notice the length.
And lastly, imagine a year from now. Bring your arms together and take note of the length.

Your arms are the same length when it’s giving you a yes. Your arms will be different lengths when it is conveying no or disharmony to you.

You can use all different avenues to meet your next dates. Matchmaking services, website, apps, referrals, two cans with a string attached to it… You can use this tool to gauge the harmony of a future with this person.

You can ask all kinds of questions, and your unconsciousness will answer through your body.

Love is in the resonance. Happy Dating!

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