What is Healing 4.0

by Uwe Albrecht

Work 4.0 is happening. And the next level in healing is also ready.
Work 4.0 is bringing robots into our daily life and work field, and almost without the need for humans, robots will take over work. What happens when humans are no longer needed? This is the big question.

Healing 4.0 is going a different way than work 4.0. It’s technology will support humans to develop themselves and their inner potential. And this means that healing becomes available to everyone, literally into their own hands. The time of centralization and a few specialists is over.
With the potential of a well developed, holistic energetic medicine, accessible thru Apps, and working on all levels (structure, biochemistry, rhythm, mental, emotional, energetic, soul) we can finally move into real preventive healing.

To be able to see and clear irritations that are in the first state, means you do not have to wait until they manifest physically on the next levels, eg biochemical or structural.
Become your own healer supported by wise programs – this is the next level of healing: 4.0

There have been enormous and innumerable changes in the overall transformations of the way people experience health care. If we go in depth, we will find that there have been trends that have taken our health care to an entirely different level. The first trend that shaped medicine is the introduction of medicine to the public from the1800s to the present time. In earlier times, people did not receive proper medical help since there was a lack of medical knowledge, a lack of sanitary information, and lack of proper training to help the patients.

With the inventions of the stethoscope, ophthalmoscope, laryngoscope, microscope, x-ray, there was a transformation in the medical community that focused its emphasis on technological care to provide better diagnosis, treatment and care. With these inventions, treatment moved from homes to hospitals for availing better medical facilities, and contributed rapidly to a higher survival rate. With care administered at hospitals, we have seen multiple hospitals being developed, and still developing to provide the best and perfect health treatment to the people.

The next major trend is the way we finance health care. Financing health care has changed rapidly. It has provided coverage to individuals so that there would not be financial consequences as a result of requiring health care. In addition, it also was a help to the hospitals to ensure and make payments for the services rendered.

The insurance company assumed and measured the amount of profitability when a claim is processed. Various programs have been launched by physician groups as a way of reimbursing physician, medical and surgical service.

The third trend we see in health care is the utilization of health care. In the early days very little care and help was provided to the patients who were facing detrimental conditions. Methods were not in place to provide surgeries, there was no sanitary knowledge and there was lack of technology. But now the trend has changed; we see it moving toward preventive care. A lot of health insurance companies are offering incentives on deductibles as a way to promote and lower health costs for major illnesses and diseases.

Health care is a field that is forever changing. Health care continues to be one of the most costly challenges we face, and as we have seen in the past decades, it is topic that is transforming and developing.

About the Author

Uwe Albrecht

Uwe Albrecht

Uwe Albrecht MD is a medical doctor and spiritual gangster born and grown in Germany he was able to use the old german potential to discover, analyze and create up to perfection. He developed the innerwise system and wrote ten books to date, all bestsellers with translations in twelve languages. Over 150,000 people around the world are already applying innerwise for themselves, their families, clients, patients, systems, companies. The words on his business card are: "The creative madness had another orgasm."

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