Five Ways to Keep Healthy and Happy

by Uwe Albrecht

Five ways to keep healthy and happy and to bring you success and dignity in your life style:

1: Stop fighting life.

2: Allow yourself to be surprised by life.

3: Life knows better, anyway, what is good for you.

4: Surrender to the gifts of life.

5: Life is not an accident – it does have a big plan, but if you live by your will, you are unable to accept the gifts.

Remember, live with integrity.  Compromises are lies to yourself, and they drain your life energy.  Be honest with yourself and your environment, and trust that you and the others can handle the truth.

Enjoy your body!  Dance, exercise, eat good healthy food, enjoy sex, laugh.
When you like having a body, you like to move your body, and take care for it.

Travel is the best way to allow and discover other ways of living, and the easiest way to mirror yourself, your patterns, your behavior and the most effective way to try something new.

Enjoy the unknown.  Do something everyday that you haven’t done before. Laugh at your fear, and discover your real potential.

About the Author

Uwe Albrecht

Uwe Albrecht

Uwe Albrecht MD is a medical doctor and spiritual gangster born and grown in Germany he was able to use the old german potential to discover, analyze and create up to perfection. He developed the innerwise system and wrote ten books to date, all bestsellers with translations in twelve languages. Over 150,000 people around the world are already applying innerwise for themselves, their families, clients, patients, systems, companies. The words on his business card are: "The creative madness had another orgasm."

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