The most overlooked reason you’re not getting pregnant and what to do about it.

by Allyn Reid

Most people are getting pregnant naturally and surprisingly faster than they want. Yet others are trying for a long time without success even though they can feel the babies in their souls. Are you or someone you know in this situation?

This isn’t just about doing a remedy on shortage of minerals in one of the parents. Nor is it about catching the right time to fertilize.Your personal health is for sure very important; healthy diet, healthy body and detox but the main things blocking you from getting pregnant are on a very different level. We all have heard of sophisticated ways of conceiving that have failed a couple trying to get pregnant numerous times. The most overlooked reason couples don’t conceive lies in the brain.

Newsflash: Almost all couples who cannot get pregnant have a blockage on their unconscious level about becoming pregnant.

The blockage doesn’t fall on the woman. So future dad to be, this article is for you too. Would you like to find out whether you have an unconscious block about getting pregnant?

Let’s start with putting you in touch with your other mind aka the unconscious. We do this through learning the arm length test.

Please watch this short video to see how it is done:

Now let’s put those arms to work.
Imagine being pregnant. Then use the Arm length test, and you will see that the answer of your arms is a NO. Basically, to be pregnant creates stress.
Often your partner also has stress by imagining you being pregnant. Have them try it. This fundamental tool reveals the resistance to all the efforts to conceiving.

So you found it, what do you do now to create change at the deepest level? You can You can use the innerwise app, or the green box aka the innerwise Complete Healing System, to treat yourself and your partner’s unconscious resistance.

If you do it thoroughly, you can do the test again and your arms will no longer show stress when you imagine being pregnant. This will reduce the “work” around creating a family and allow both of you to enjoy the process.

Go forth and be productive 🙂

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