Do I Want to be Like a Celebrity?

by Uwe Albrecht

“I want to be like______.”

“ I want to look like_______.”

Let us turn it around: I am nothing, I am no good, I can not even find my own fashion style.

As a celebrity, on my own, I would never allow myself to be used, in a way that people would identify products with my creative potential. It would drain me, and instead of staying in the flow to be good in my work and creativity, I would get lost in greedy-based actions.

Does that make sense to you? Let us know. Email us back.

With the increase of competition in the fashion industry, celebrity trend has become increasingly popular for fashion brands. According to some analysis, television advertisements mostly use a famous person or celebrity as an endorser. The use of the celebrity effect is becoming massive for billboards as well as fashion introduction in magazines. Celebrity endorsement increases brand awareness and improves financial returns.

In recent years, various brands have developed rapidly around the world. These fashion brands and various others are infinitely being purchased by consumers. Fast fashion is well known by its fast response to the fashion trend. This means customers can find the latest fashion from the fashion shows or the celebrity trends in stores within a short duration of time. Moreover, the proper and efficient use of celebrity effect is also a key point for success. The celebrity trend affects both consumers and companies. The celebrity effect directly influences consumers mainly via media and purchasing habits. The effect of celebrities on firms will be profitable returns and maximized profits.

The celebrity endorser is defined as an individual who has a renowned public recognition, and who uses this recognition on behalf of a product by appearing with it in an advertisement. Using a celebrity endorser would bring a great believability and acceptability in the promotion of products in psychological or social risk.

Moreover, studies have shown that celebrities can have a direct positive influence on the advertising likeability and also an indirect effect on brand attitude and purchase intentions. There are two sides by which a celebrity endorser can affect the consumers. Firstly it is through the media, and secondly by consumers own buying behavior.


Celebrities massively help sales in almost every industry, and especially in the fashion industry. They certainly attract a lot of attention, not only from the target group but also from the media. Celebrity endorsement has generally two source models: the source-credibility model, and the source-attractiveness model. The source-credibility model is a communicator’s positive characteristics that influence the receiver’s acceptance of a message. It means the celebrities should be professional and trustworthy. On the other hand, the source-attractiveness model refers to the extent of the celebrity being well known, physically perceived to be attractive, and is likeable by the target group.


To successfully lead the fashion trend of consumption, companies must satisfy the consumer’s psychology and fashion sense. Living in the era of entertainment, the celebrity trend and behavior is always imitated by the public. People find the most fashionable dresses from magazines and TV, and the advertisements. Celebrity trend can be referred as consumer awareness, learning and reference groups. They have a direct influence on product and brand purchase decisions. In the daily activities of people, celebrity trend affects people’s buying behavior the most, since people try to imitate celebrities and their styles in order to be close to them.

Just keep in mind who you are and your creative spirit.

About the Author

Uwe Albrecht

Uwe Albrecht

Uwe Albrecht MD is a medical doctor and spiritual gangster born and grown in Germany he was able to use the old german potential to discover, analyze and create up to perfection. He developed the innerwise system and wrote ten books to date, all bestsellers with translations in twelve languages. Over 150,000 people around the world are already applying innerwise for themselves, their families, clients, patients, systems, companies. The words on his business card are: "The creative madness had another orgasm."

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