What does it mean to be human?

by Allyn Reid
The pulse on whether we manage technology or whether it manages us is a gray area. In the spirit of becoming more technologically savvy, people are increasingly living their lives through technology. Everyday a new app or tech tool is launched that can make our lives better, faster and richer. In many ways, technology is doing the living for us. If technology is living the human life as we know it, then what does it mean to be human anymore? This is the big question for the future.

Technology has freed us up of the mundane and the minutiae. It’s a blessing and perhaps a warning. Robots are coming and we better watch out. We created them but in the next few years, over 60-65% of all jobs will be done by them. So what will happen with all the people are no longer needed? What happens when our abilities are no longer needed? We have gotten used to the idea that technology can do so many things better than us.

Luckily and likely coincidentally, humans as a collective are transforming into a new species. We are at the exploratory stages of this becoming. We are questioning our own humanity and looking for what it is to be a human. We’re searching for the irreplaceable, unique factor that we can’t program onto robots. We’re experiencing the biggest shift ever in the way humanity is living. We developed technologies to have an easier, effective life but we are not developing our own inner abilities and the value of creating with our hands is getting lost.

The biggest door that technology opened up is freedom. It’s a concept everyone wants but no one really knows what to do with it once they have it. Some wither. It happens internally at first, but many people will feel useless, get frustrated and aggressive. Not everyone understands that newfound freedom can be fulfilled by creativity. The solution to making America great again is to create jobs. Jobs in the States are racing against time. It is knocking on our door, and we created it ourselves. Many have even begun to love it and don’t want to live without it.
Create with your hands. Whatever I can do with my own hands, I do with my own hands.

The biggest challenge for the future for everyone will be to find your purpose.

Then create space and opportunities to develop your abilities.

What does it mean to be human in a land full of technology? It means letting technology make our lives quicker and easier. It means being happy as humans with purpose, creativity and developing our unique abilities.


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What is it to be human to you?

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